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Clinical Notes - Confidential and Convenient 

Because your notes are important.

SeeNote is designed specifically for counsellors and psychotherapists who want instant access to record or review Clinical Notes, with confidence that these records are secure and protected, well beyond the requirements of your college or government.

SeeNote carries this same attitude of convenience and confidentiality, when adding:
Invoicing & Accounting
Counselling Teams

You can start in seconds using SeeNote Servers and move everything to your own server when your Team grows big enough.


SeeNote has numerous benefits including (but not limited to) the following

One step Clinical Notes

Fully Confidential

Unlimited Clinical Note Revisions

Appointment Calendar


Secure Access From Any Device 

Encrypted and available from any smart phone or tablet.

Continuous Backup


Confidential Month-End

Payment Analysis

Unlimited Document Storage 


The following features are included in our Corporate package 

Clinical Complement

Contract Billing

Online Payments

Portable Database


Monthly Billing Summary


Personalised URL


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